Those Baby Blue Eyes (Or Green)

IMG_7145 (2)

I meant to publish this a million times and never did.  Better late than nevery right? 

A few months ago, around the holidays, my mother in law pointed out that she thought Cate had a lazy eye. If I am being totally honest, I didn’t give much thought to it and didn’t really want to.  Then, her daycare teacher who is a mom of five grown boys said something about it.  Again, I heard it but didn’t give it much thought.  Next, the daycare director pointed it out to us.  At that point, I said something to Glenn and we decided we probably need to do something.

So, the next week we were at the pediatrician for ear and sinus infections she looked at Cate and saw the same thing.  Except she didn’t think it was in her left eye.  She insisted she saw it in both eyes.  I saw her radar go up- I feel like I know her really well and while she was calm, it was obvious she had concerns.

So, two Fridays ago we saw a pediatric ophthalmologist.  Here’s the thing. Glenn and I don’t know a damn thing about eyes because we both have 20/20 vision.  We knew that the appointment was serious and would take at least an hour so we both went.

Cate was a trooper.  It was determined that our sweet girl is cross eyed and moderately far sighted.  The good news is there are no tumors which are what our worst case scenario could have been.  The news is that this little girl will now be wearing glasses indefinitely.  We need to monitor her progress at six weeks and then six months.  There is a chance that she can grow out of it.  There is a chance it will get worse and need surgery.  But, all of that considered I can’t get over this.

Why? Because girls are mean.  They are cruel and see their own imperfections and their friends.  They judge each other for things on the outside which I know because I was one of those girls.  And at this age she will be one of two kids in our entire daycare with glasses.  My head asked questions about sports, swimming, contacts and lasik.  I was worried that her life was going to be harder and different out of the gates going in to school.


I never hit publish on this post but I finally did because this is a place for memories and happenings.  One year later our sweet girl is happily wearing glasses. She tells us when we forget them as we get her ready in the morning.  She wants them and has been really great with them. A year ago,  we were living at the eye glasses store have them fixed and adjusted but I am proud to say that we made it a year without a major disaster.  And even better news is that her eyes are getting better.  She could care less that she is the only kid with glasses and it doesn’t faze her. She proudly puts them away at nap time and keeps them on all day.  Kids are intrigued. Some want to try to them and others want her to take them off but if you know Cate, she doesn’t listen to anyone.  Only herself. And I couldn’t imagine her without them now.