OOTD and Catch Up

Happy Friday Friends! I am once again typing from 35,000 feet. I am headed back from being out west on a business trip to California with Glenn. Newport Beach and Del Mar were on the agenda. We squeezed in some bike riding together. I even shopped a bit and was able to catch an unbelievable West Coast sunset.  I can’t say I was upset about the location but I sure do hate being gone from my babies. I know they were in good hands though with their Mimi and PawPaw and probably didn’t even notice I was gone.

Weird clothes  for me last week. I just wasn’t feeling anything. Every single day I was just feeling pretty blah and I think my clothes showed this. Maybe it was the fact that I was traveling at the end of the week but here’s to hoping I can pull it together this week a bit more even though I am going to be at conference half of the week.


Speaking of work, I will not see my students for a full five days in a row until the second week of December. For all of you non-teachers, you have no idea how hard this is but trust when I tell you it’s brutal.  And adds a whole other layer to my life.  And for all of you teachers, you get why I am stressed out. Not to mention sub plans are harder than daily plans.

And back to talking about clothes, I am so wanting to get in on the bootie craze but I am not joking when I tell you that I can’t for the life of me figure out how in the world someone my age wears them and makes them look normal. I just don’t get it. I have tried pairs on, brought pairs home and yet still I can’t find a pair that is “right” for me. So, I am thinking I am not meant for them but I sure do have envy of those of you that can wear them!

Hope you  enjoyed the weekend. I soaked up some sunshine, read a book and am now happily home snuggling my babies! Here’s to a new week!


OOTD {Week 9}

Happy Friday Friends! Today, I am linking up with OT&ET to keep me writing and reflecting. We have very little planned this weeeknd and I couldn’t be happier. I am thinking the chilly temps call for banana bread and soup on the stove and just some quiet time in at home.

Loving that the next two weekends will have a babysitter on Saturday night and get a chance to be adults. These past few weeks we haven’t had a lot of adult time and I think we need it.  Not to mention I am looking forward to a good meal or two and hopefully meeting one of my best friend’s new addition!

Listening to Cate and Brady bicker. They never really fight but when they do it usually results with both of them in tears. Brady is so so patient with Cate but there are days when he just wants her to leave him alone which I totally get. And when she doesn’t he usually pushes her away and then they both end up crying- him because he feels bad and wants to be left alone and her because “Bwady push me” with full water works. Today, the whole car ride to school, Cate kept repeating that he pushed her and Brady kept telling her that he needs to leave her alone. This is just the beginning I am guessing…

Worrying about what to do with Brady next year and knowing we will be faced with the same decision with Cate in two years.  With an October and September birthday respectively, we are not only faced with our kids being the oldest kids in their class but daycare becomes a big decision. Repeat preschool in the daycare we are currently in, move him to a parochial full day junior kindergarten for a year, or hire a nanny and a part time program… ack! The possibilities are endless and even with a spreadsheet detailing pros and cons of each I am convinced I will make the wrong decision.

Reading all the things in life right now.  Every single group, meeting, person I know has me reading something and yet I find myself craving some personal reading for fun.  For school I am reading Choke by Sian Beilock and Give and Take by Adam Grant. I have to tell you that Give and Take is really interesting to read.  You will silently add a label to every single person you talk to after reading it.  What I am dying to read is Allegiant by Veronica Roth. This is the final book in a trilogy that I am obsessed with. It will have to wait until I get these other two done for work.

Singing Christmas tunes in my head. Did you know that Christmas is only nine weeks away from this past Wednesday. It is and I know I need to respect the turkey but I love me some Christmas music and I can’t wait that is all we hear on the radio.


Have a great weekend! Hope you stay warm!



OOTD {Week 8}

Happy Friday Friends!  Yesterday was my Friday. We have a four day weekend for our seniors to visit colleges! How nice is that? So, I hopped a flight last night to Washington, D.C. to visit my brother and sister in law and their new addition Reese. Yes, I am leaving my kids for two nights alone. For the first time ever since they were born.  And I cried when my car service showed up to take me to the airport.  I cried until Brady hugged me for the fourth time and told me he was going to miss me and I was worried he was going to start crying so I pulled it together. I know my kids are in good hands and my sweet husband called me on Facetime right before I got on the plane.

This week was pretty mild again. The temperatures were in the low 70’s every single day and the sunshine was abundant.  This is making dressing tricky.  With the mornings being down right chilly but afternoons being warm I found myself wearing these in between pieces this week.


I am looking forward to snuggling my niece the next two days and then still having two days with my own two kids! Happy Weekend Friends!


OOTD {Week 7}



Summer seems to be lingering farther in to fall than it usually does so that means that I am secretly thrilled to still be wearing sandals and dresses and short sleeves! Another five day week in the books and we have a BUSY weekend ahead of us filled with birthday parties, block parties and of course some football! Linking up with OT &ET this week.

learning how to be okay with change. Sometimes, I get so disappointed when something doesn’t go exactly how I want it to and I get insecure and self-conscious wondering if I am good enough and worthy enough and if I did something wrong to deserve change I am not particularly fond of happening. But I am learning that is how I grow and stretch and get to know who I am even more.

growing more confident in me. I have struggled with this for so so long. There you heard me say it. I may come off confident and sure of myself but down deep I struggle with who I am at my core and how much I care about how others do things, what others think of me and being accpeted.  I am finally realizing that as long as I am okay with who I am and that my family loves me that is enough.  At the end of every day, I ask myself am I okay with who I was today and are the people I love.  And as long as that answer is yes or maybe, then I am okay.

buying so much stuff right now! I just ordered a gallery grouping of frames from Etsy that will reside on the wall up our stairs. Our dining room table is in progress. We are waiting on swatches for our dining room chairs. And on top of it, we are buying a new bed. Glenn is a get things done kind of guy and he has had enough of our partially finished house. So, I am taking this attitude on decorating and making some decisions. We have so much we want to do but I keep thinking we can’t have nice things and that holds me back. I am even more excited to tackle the kids’ rooms this spring. I should probably get some pictures of the house up huh since I keep telling you about it.

loving all the new tv that is on. I am really not that in to tv but I have to tell you Homeland, Top Chef and the Amazing Race back all in one week is pretty darn great in my book. Add that to our HBO shows that come back in the winter and we are set.

wishing I could find a way to have a date once a month with each of my kids. Tonight, I took Brady to get his haircut while Cate was in the bath and my heart melted when he told me in the car that he liked me and walking in when he announced sometimes it is nice to not have Cate come with us to the haircut place. I think this is my almost 4 year old reminding his mama that he needs alone time with me. And so does Cate. So, I am going to try to sneak away on date with each of them this month. Maybe for ice cream or a to get a new toy or maybe just an errand. Regardless, I want to have time alone with each of my kids and I think that I can make it happen.


OOTD {Week 6}



Okay, okay so I am not doing a great job of blogging more than twice a week. But, I am staying on top of getting dressed every day each week. Wednesday I spent it out on a low ropes course so I was pretty casual with my clothes so no picture was taken. I think the little guy in one of the pictures is pretty stinkin cute.

In other news, I just upgraded to iOs7 after taking approximately 3,000 pictures off my phone and moving them to my hard drive. Scary that I had that many and how much my kids have grown since getting my iPhone.

We (meaning Glenn) set up the DVR and I think we might bite the bullet and start watching Breaking Bad. I compare every series to The Wire, which I think is the best ever, and I have high hopes! And plus also the Amazing Race and Homeland come back Sunday! TV for the win Sunday!

Date night tomorrow night and family pictures tomorrow!

Friends, food and beer tonight and some fall planting Sunday will round out what is gearing up to be a nice little weekend!

Happy Friday friends!


OOTD {Week 3}

Happy Friday Friends! If you haven’t figured out by how late this post went out this week kicked my butt. I’m not even sure why because it was a relatively quiet week, a normal week in our house, per se with the exception of my parents visiting. So, I promise to be back next week with some new posts and hopefully they won’t be late.  Next week is jammed with work commitments for both us so I need to get my sh*t together this weekend if I have any hope of surviving the week.

The weather this week went from 90 to 60 in the span of five days. I wore lots of dresses and tanks because I think that the warm weather is coming to an end.  Maybe another week but I want to make sure I get some of these cute things in before we have snow.  Kidding.   Good ole Chicago never seems to ease in to a season.   Happy Weekend! Bear Down Chicago!