OOTD {Week 9}

Happy Friday Friends! Today, I am linking up with OT&ET to keep me writing and reflecting. We have very little planned this weeeknd and I couldn’t be happier. I am thinking the chilly temps call for banana bread and soup on the stove and just some quiet time in at home.

Loving that the next two weekends will have a babysitter on Saturday night and get a chance to be adults. These past few weeks we haven’t had a lot of adult time and I think we need it.  Not to mention I am looking forward to a good meal or two and hopefully meeting one of my best friend’s new addition!

Listening to Cate and Brady bicker. They never really fight but when they do it usually results with both of them in tears. Brady is so so patient with Cate but there are days when he just wants her to leave him alone which I totally get. And when she doesn’t he usually pushes her away and then they both end up crying- him because he feels bad and wants to be left alone and her because “Bwady push me” with full water works. Today, the whole car ride to school, Cate kept repeating that he pushed her and Brady kept telling her that he needs to leave her alone. This is just the beginning I am guessing…

Worrying about what to do with Brady next year and knowing we will be faced with the same decision with Cate in two years.  With an October and September birthday respectively, we are not only faced with our kids being the oldest kids in their class but daycare becomes a big decision. Repeat preschool in the daycare we are currently in, move him to a parochial full day junior kindergarten for a year, or hire a nanny and a part time program… ack! The possibilities are endless and even with a spreadsheet detailing pros and cons of each I am convinced I will make the wrong decision.

Reading all the things in life right now.  Every single group, meeting, person I know has me reading something and yet I find myself craving some personal reading for fun.  For school I am reading Choke by Sian Beilock and Give and Take by Adam Grant. I have to tell you that Give and Take is really interesting to read.  You will silently add a label to every single person you talk to after reading it.  What I am dying to read is Allegiant by Veronica Roth. This is the final book in a trilogy that I am obsessed with. It will have to wait until I get these other two done for work.

Singing Christmas tunes in my head. Did you know that Christmas is only nine weeks away from this past Wednesday. It is and I know I need to respect the turkey but I love me some Christmas music and I can’t wait that is all we hear on the radio.


Have a great weekend! Hope you stay warm!



OOTD {Week 3}

Happy Friday Friends! If you haven’t figured out by how late this post went out this week kicked my butt. I’m not even sure why because it was a relatively quiet week, a normal week in our house, per se with the exception of my parents visiting. So, I promise to be back next week with some new posts and hopefully they won’t be late.  Next week is jammed with work commitments for both us so I need to get my sh*t together this weekend if I have any hope of surviving the week.

The weather this week went from 90 to 60 in the span of five days. I wore lots of dresses and tanks because I think that the warm weather is coming to an end.  Maybe another week but I want to make sure I get some of these cute things in before we have snow.  Kidding.   Good ole Chicago never seems to ease in to a season.   Happy Weekend! Bear Down Chicago!



Outfit of the Day {Week 1}

Early in my teaching career I kept this spreadsheet calendar thingy and I would document what I wore every single day to school.  I did to ensure I didn’t wear the same things all the time and to try to maxmize my closet.  (For the record, I went an entire school year and never wore the same outfit.  Crazy, right?) Then I had kids. And my figure changed.  Two pregnancies will do that to you.  Now two years after my second child was born I am feeling better (there is always room for improvement right?) about my figure and I am committed to not only caring about what I wear but holding myself accountable so I don’t fall in to the same predictable rut with clothes.

New school year equals new clothes for me. I have staples that stay in my closet for more than one school year but I love to update my closet every year and stay current with the trends…at least some of them.  At the end of last year, I started to post my #ootd #teacherstyle on Instagram and people commented about my clothes and asked brand questions a lot and truth be told it held me accountable to get dressed every single day.  To actually think about what I was going to wear and to challenge myself to wear everything in my closet.  If you know me IRL, you know that I am a closet hoarder. I have a hard time throwing things out but rarely wear them over again.  So, this year, I am committed to recapping what I wear every week and give you a glimpse in to my teacher garb. If you want to join me, I will make a linky tool. I would love to see what others are wearing.  Most weeks it will be Monday- Thursday since Fridays are reserved for jeans and school spirit gear! If you have questions I am happy to answer what I am wearing!

Happy Friday Friends! Busy weeeknd for us. A special little girl turns two on Monday!

Week 1 #ootd #teacherstyle

Week 1 #ootd #teacherstyle