OOTD and Catch Up

Happy Friday Friends! I am once again typing from 35,000 feet. I am headed back from being out west on a business trip to California with Glenn. Newport Beach and Del Mar were on the agenda. We squeezed in some bike riding together. I even shopped a bit and was able to catch an unbelievable West Coast sunset.  I can’t say I was upset about the location but I sure do hate being gone from my babies. I know they were in good hands though with their Mimi and PawPaw and probably didn’t even notice I was gone.

Weird clothes  for me last week. I just wasn’t feeling anything. Every single day I was just feeling pretty blah and I think my clothes showed this. Maybe it was the fact that I was traveling at the end of the week but here’s to hoping I can pull it together this week a bit more even though I am going to be at conference half of the week.


Speaking of work, I will not see my students for a full five days in a row until the second week of December. For all of you non-teachers, you have no idea how hard this is but trust when I tell you it’s brutal.  And adds a whole other layer to my life.  And for all of you teachers, you get why I am stressed out. Not to mention sub plans are harder than daily plans.

And back to talking about clothes, I am so wanting to get in on the bootie craze but I am not joking when I tell you that I can’t for the life of me figure out how in the world someone my age wears them and makes them look normal. I just don’t get it. I have tried pairs on, brought pairs home and yet still I can’t find a pair that is “right” for me. So, I am thinking I am not meant for them but I sure do have envy of those of you that can wear them!

Hope you  enjoyed the weekend. I soaked up some sunshine, read a book and am now happily home snuggling my babies! Here’s to a new week!


Yours and Mine

This is our life

These are our days

This is us trying to find our way

Tthis is the love

This is the dream

This is us learning how to be who we are, who we are

Cause this is our life

I am currently flying at 35,000 feet after a series of delays on my return flight to Chicago.  The air is choppy and we are bouncing all over the place.  The sun is out which I haven’t seen since I left my home Thursday night.  The frustration of not leaving D.C. on time today has made me twitchy because I am impatient and there is nothing I want more than to tuck my babies in to bed tonight.  I know my husband’s tank is empty because every time before this trip, I have been the one home by myself.  It is exhausting and rewarding but it makes you appreciate marriage and co-parenting so much more.

I spent the past almost 48 hours snuggling a newborn and the quiet time with her gave me a lot of time to just be and talk with my sister in law instead of the chaos that I call my life right now.  I swear there is some secret society you join when you have a kid.  My SIL and I laughed until I cried about things, talked about tough stuff and spent the day just being together.   I even bought a rug.    I can honestly say I love her ,more than before and the mother she has become.  And she and my brother are pros at parenting.

This is our life

These are our friends

This is our family that grows and dance

This is our chance

This is our time

This is us making things to somehow leave behind

Wwhat will we leave behind to show

That this is our life

I kept laughing at my brother as he talked to his daughter about her body parts in the bath, told her sarcastically bad jokes when she was fussy and brushed her hair with the smallest brush I have ever seen before bedtime. But honestly, he is good. Damn good at being a dad and that makes me smile.  I knew he would be.  He has always had this ease with babies and a quiet calm that is soothing to anyone around him.

My SIL is a mom now. She’s in the club. And there is a softness to her that I don’t think was as obvious before.  Her voice instantly calms her daughter and she is gentle and loving and so easily a mom.

It’s really easy when you are holding a newborn to send a text and tell your husband you want another one.  (Not that I did that…okay maybe I did.)  But, as I am flying high in the sky and looking down I am thinking about how blessed I already I am and content I am in our life.  My family and the life we are creating and living.  I have two kids that I am totally completely in love with.  And a husband that I love more every single day.  I am looking forward to what the future holds.  Disney. Sports. Friends. School.   As our extended family grows, I am acutely aware at the immediate family that is mine.  And I feel so lucky.

Cause i am so thankful

For each moment that we share

Right here is everything i need

I love our life and I love you so much honey

Thank you for loving me

Oh, this is our life

Straight or a mess

These are our memories in progress

This is our work

This is our hope

This is us learning how to cope

And laugh and cry

Cause it’s all yours and mine

This is our life

Lyrics by Mary Beth Maziarz “This Our Life” whcih was our wedding song.