OOTD {Week 6}



Okay, okay so I am not doing a great job of blogging more than twice a week. But, I am staying on top of getting dressed every day each week. Wednesday I spent it out on a low ropes course so I was pretty casual with my clothes so no picture was taken. I think the little guy in one of the pictures is pretty stinkin cute.

In other news, I just upgraded to iOs7 after taking approximately 3,000 pictures off my phone and moving them to my hard drive. Scary that I had that many and how much my kids have grown since getting my iPhone.

We (meaning Glenn) set up the DVR and I think we might bite the bullet and start watching Breaking Bad. I compare every series to The Wire, which I think is the best ever, and I have high hopes! And plus also the Amazing Race and Homeland come back Sunday! TV for the win Sunday!

Date night tomorrow night and family pictures tomorrow!

Friends, food and beer tonight and some fall planting Sunday will round out what is gearing up to be a nice little weekend!

Happy Friday friends!