Cate {2.5 Years}

Dear Bug,

I was putting you to bed last night when I remembered for the second short moment yesterday that it was your ½ birthday.  You are officially on your way to three which is unbelievable to me.

For some reason, out of nowhere bedtime has become hard and you wake up even more upset.  Milestones may be the reason but last night you just couldn’t settle in. So, I came up and you said “wrock peas for a minute” and I happily sat down with you.  And before I could even settle in the slow, rhythmic motion our glider provides, you had burrowed your hands under your belly against my chest and you were sleeping.  The shallow breaths allowed me to smell you and take you in yet when I placed you in your crib you awoke and said “good night” and I remembered just how big you are getting even though you felt so small in that moment before.  I think it ‘s because I know your sleeping in a crib is the last piece of baby left and I just want to hang on for a bit.

What you lack in physical size you have in personality.  You are bigger than life sweet girl and it is incredible to watch.  Like I said, you are oh so little.  Eating like crazy and gaining nothing. People comment on it and your dad and I just laugh.  Your little bird legs are adorable now but I’m guessing a few years from now they will make your daddy gray quicker than ever.  You are fiesty and fierce.  And you know exactly how to get what you want.  And just a few weeks ago you got glasses.  I guess we should have known since your eyes profusely water at night but we in true fashion, thought it was just you being different, unique as I call it.  But, no, you actually have some real difficulty seeing and so glasses it is for now to help.  I was terrified as your mama- worried that you would be teased, kids would laugh knowing how cruel girls are but everyone including your daddy and your teachers knew you would be great.  And you have been. We put them “night-night” when we sing before bed and “wake them up” in the morning.  And just recently, we convinced you that big girls not only wear glasses but ponytails and those two things might just be the cutest combination ever. And undies. But well, we haven’t tackled that yet.

Your vocabulary is incredible and your voice is always heard. I am amazed at your memory.  What I am in awe of the most is your love for your brother.  He sees it as an annoyance, but your daddy and I watch you so frequently and smile at the little girl you are becoming.  Deeply worried about him, always offering and asking to play and conceding to cook with me when he says no.  Keep trying bug.  Keep taking care of him okay Cate? He needs it.  He’s sensitive, shy and passive.  He’s going to need you as much as you want him right now.  He is your gentle in the fury.  And you are his protector.  You are so differnt yet so similar and I think you have already taught him a lot. Your fearlessness is teaching him it’s okay to try and his rule following keeps you aware of what dangers are around.

I love you sweet girl.  I love you so stinkin much.  Stay little big girl.







14 in 2014 Update January

The first month of 2014 is up so it’s time for an update on those 14 things I said I would do in 14.  This should keep me accountable especially for the short term things I am working on right?

1. Participate in either a sprint triathlon or a race that is 10K or longer.

Hmm…with a torn tendon running is on the back burner for now. So, I am working on strength and some light cardio.  I am really hoping if I do some strength exercises and physical therapy on my own, I will be back running soon!

2. Research, try and make a new recipe once a month.  So frequently we end up in a food rut in our house and I think with a little bit of effort we could try some new things.  And maybe, I could even share them here on this little blog.

Yes, we tried a new one early on in the month and it was terrible.  And I know some of you will disagree with me because it is one of the most pinned recipes on pinterest.  It wasn’t good.  I thought the chicken, bacon, broccoli and rice combo sounded good but it was heavy and took a lot of time to prep and we just didn’t think it was great.  To be honest, we hated it.    But, hey at least we made a new one!   So, then at the end of the month (Polar Vortex Round 2) we tried another Pinterest recipe for philly chesse sandwiches and it was a fail.  It tasted nothing like a philly cheese streak.  So, I am starting to lose faith in the reliability of the recipes on there. 

3. Teach Brady (with Glenn’s help) to ride a bike. Our strider bike attempt was a bust so with some new Big Wheels for Christmas we are hoping that a bike is in his future.

4. Begin a scrapbook project for our family that forces me to pick up my camera weekly.

Update (1/15) I have joined this 12 month photography group and I can tell you that I am already picking up my camera more.  Working on little things that I can learn and accepting I won’t be good anytime soon.  I am going to start organizing all my pictures from January and I have been writing little notes about the month so I can remember what we have done.

Update (1/27) I ordered a scrapbook from Artifact Uprising of our Life via Instagram 2013 and can’t wait for it to be delivered. I will be sure to share once I get it.  But at least we are printing pictures. 

5. Read at least one classic. I am a voracious reader but I have never read a classic.

6. Find a spiritual place that works for our family. My faith has been on the back burner since we had kids and it is time to explore and nurture that part of me.

7. Learn Adobe Photoshop once and for all.

8. Set a goal when it comes to weight loss and hit it.  No, I will not be sharing this one.  This has been a recent struggle for me privately and now you know so maybe it will hold me accountable.

I wrote about this here and I am pleased to tell you I am committed but my foot injury is not helping.  I have some time but I need to get moving. I hit my first goal so I am the proud new owner of a FitBit Force.  It’s amazing how much seeing the scale moves motivates me.  I am so close to my second goal and can test a trip to Athleta and Lululemon. 

9. For the rest of the school year, pack my lunch at least three times a week. No excuses.

So far, so good. I am on a tear with this one.  Not because I want to but because I am busy at work right now, so taking time for lunch is just not an option. This has been an easy one with a little pre-planning and I am learning that since I love to pick or graze small snacks/meals are the best option for me.   This first week of February will be a HUGE test for me with some work commitments. 

10. Watch the entire Breaking Bad series. Glenn and I keep talking about it and we need to start watching now. (This will require me not to go to bed at 8:30 every night).

11. Get Cate involved or signed up for something. Poor second child has been neglected and it’s her turn to do something… anything.

12. Call or send snail mail to my grandma once a month.

I did send her a birthday card in January for her February 1st birthday. That might be cheating but I got something in the mail. 

13. Finish decorating our main floor with the little things and big things. Shelves need to be filled and there are some walls that need love and at least one TV that needs to be mounted.

14. Have a quarterly meeting with my two best friends. I miss them.  Too often I find excuses about why I can’t so this year, I will organize and I say I can.  We text and talk but every single time I see them I miss them more and find myself wanting to do more, see them more and connect more often.

Well, we tried.  And the stomach flu hit two of our houses the week before we were supposed to meet a newborn. So, no it has not happened yet.  But we are trying. And have another date set just before Q1 of 2014 ends.